about the project

Untitled Magazine is a bi-annual publication created by a group of design students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The final publication showcases the work of over fifty students from various departments at SAIC. The publication includes design, photography, painting, sculpture, writing, and much more. In the eighth edition of this publication, our goal was to be unfiltered, unafraid, and to uncover the large range of work produced at SAIC.

date created:



4 months

project type:

art publication

my role:

interior spread


morgan itterly
jack van boom
brian berk
fattah mulya
michael ngyuen
audrey scharrer
megan earl
line kuzniar

design tools:



Some of the challenges we faced while designing this magazine was trying to determine the best layout to present the artists’ work. Since we had such a large variety of work, we had to carefully consider the dimensions of the publication, how much work from each artists should be included, how much space would each artist be given on a page, etc. The placement of the work was definitely the most challenging. We also needed to consider the overall style or theme of the magazine. We wanted the design to have some personality without taking away from the featured work.


We experimented with various layouts before settling on the final design (depicted above). We tried making the work really large, putting multiple artists' work on the same page, making the captions really large, and making the captions really tiny. With each of these designs we found a problem. We felt that when the work became really large, most of he imagery was lost in the gutter. When multiple artists were placed on the same page it became really crowded and confusing. Ultimately, we decided that each artist would get their own page and some artists with several pieces of work were given a full spread. We ended up reducing the text in the caption to allow more white space around the work. Since we landed on a 6" x 9" magazine, it became very crowded to have very large captions that contained a lot of text.

Lastly, to sort of bring the entire magazine together, we decided to pull a spot color from each of the artists' work. We then placed that spot color along the edge of the page right next to where we positioned the artists' name. In previous iterations, this spot color was fairly large and again overcrowded the area, so we made sure that thin line of spot color was less than half an inch. In the end, we were able to include a large selection of work. We were able to maintain a pleasant amount of white space and display the work at a nice size to be fully appreciated. Click this link to see the entire magazine.