the earth
is sick

about the project

For this project, I was given a three page document about the basics of composting– which would be used to design a poster. I was also given a five page document about how to compost with and without a yard – which would be turned into a double sided pamphlet. Both documents thoroughly explained various aspects of composting such as the science behind it, what materials are involved, where it happens, etc. Both the poster and the pamphlet were meant to be an informational tool as well as a persuasive piece of design.

date created:



1 month

project type:

composting guide

my role:

sole designer



design tools:


Photo Credits: Sippakorn Yamkasikorn from Pexels


The main challenge with this project was trying to come up with a language and design that would make composting appealing. It was also very difficult to reduce pages of information into the compact format of a poster and brochure. I didn't want to design something that would make the viewer intimidated or uninterested in composting. This was even more difficult to do considering the fact that the project was meant to be designed without any form of imagery. In the end, the design needed to grasp the viewers attention and then keep them there to absorb the document fully.

Poster drafts


My solution to the challenge was to create a design that would connect to the viewer emotionally. Since I was able to change the language of some of the headers, I decided to use that to my advantage. Rather than saying, "the basics of composting" I decided to say, “the earth is sick” to make people feel sorry for the earth and want to find a solution to help. I wanted the viewer to think of the earth as a friend in need. The poster and brochure were documents that would walk the viewer through how to help that friend.

In terms of color, I ultimately chose a dark earthy background to set the overall mood. I wanted to use slightly more vibrant colors for the text to help with legibility. For the brochure I decided to open it up and have most of the text on a light background because the information was getting pretty dense.

The most challenging aspect of this project was the typography, especially since this was a type heavy project. I experimented with different orders of hierarchy by adjusting the position, weight, and angle of the type (depicted above). In the end, I made the paragraphs very narrow to make it appear like everything was falling downward. Some of the type also overlapped each other and scattered outward. I wanted the type to reflect that the earth is falling apart and that it is in a very unstable state. Overall, the design was meant to grasp at the viewers emotions as well as be visually interesting enough to guide the viewer along every part of the text.

Click here to view a high resolution pdf
Click here to view a high resolution pdf