about the project

For this project, I redesigned the Skype identity mark. Skype is a telecommunications platform that provides video chat and voice calls between users on the computer, tablet, and other mobile devices. Skype takes pride in being an innovative and accessible communication tool for both businesses and families. My goal was to redesign the mark with these ideals in mind.

date created:



1 month

project type:

identity mark redesign

my role:

sole designer



design tools:



My greatest struggle with this project was trying to depict communication and connection without using the generic and obvious symbols that already exist. Skype claims to be geared toward business and family use, so I wanted to challenge myself by designing something sophisticated enough for businesses while also being approachable and friendly for family use. Ultimately, I wanted the design to look modern and unlike other identity marks for video chatting platforms.

current skype logo variants
logo sketches


I began by illustrating human silhouettes overlapping one another to depict communication between individuals. I immediately felt like this representation was too literal so I started to abstract various shapes from those human forms. I finally landed on two arrow-like shapes. I felt like opposite facing arrows were a great representation of back and forth communication without being too literal. I wanted the lines to be very swift and elegant to convey ease and simplicity.

When I finally had a design that I felt was strong, I began paring it with several typefaces. I wanted the type to have clean geometric lines to represent Skype's innovative quality.

In terms of the color, I experimented with several combinations and many of them reminded me of an identity mark for a sports drink. I wanted the energetic features of the mark to be more subtle, so I felt like a soft gradient blue was a perfect balance between looking inviting and professional. In the end, I felt that the design looked clean, practical, and appealing.