in time

about the project

In Time is a sci-fi/action movie where everyone stops aging once they reach twenty-five years old. Everyone is genetically engineered to live one more year after their twenty-fifth birthday, but they are able to transfer time between one another in order to live longer. Time becomes currency; therefore, the rich can become immortal. For this project, I created an alternate title sequence for the movie.

date created:



2 months

project type:

movie title sequence

my role:

sole designer



design tools:

after effects

Scene from the movie
Photo credits: Twentieth Century Fox - © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


The most challenging aspect of this project was trying to sum up an entire movie in just a few minutes. I wanted to capture the essence of the movie without giving too much away. I also had to think about what visual elements and what sort of audio would best represent the key elements of the film.


I decided to make a title sequence that was purely type-based. I focused on numbers to mimic the reappearing digital clock embedded into each persons arm in the film. I created several storyboards (like the four pictured above) to help me visualize how these numbers would move and interact with one another. I felt that it was important to show the numbers change and flicker in and out, similar to the constant countdown of the clock present throughout the movie.

The film also depicts people running everywhere. People run in order to save time and throughout the movie characters depend on running to get them out of life or death situations. I decided the title sequence would move along to Rooftop Chase by Craig Armstrong, which is a score taken directly from a scene in the film. This score definitely reflects the significance of running throughout the film as well as fills the viewer with anticipation. Overall, the title sequence was meant to showcase the essence of the film without spoiling any of the scenes.

audio: Rooftop chase by craig armstrong