about the project

GoGive is a fictitious organization based off of the GivingTuesday movement. GoGive is an organization that encourages people to give back to their community by donating money, items, labor, time, and/or whatever they think would benefit another human being. For this project I was tasked with coming up with a poster, postcard, communication plan, and pdf toolkit based around the organization.

date created:



2 months

project type:

charity campaign

my role:

sole designer



design tools:



I was given several documents about GoGive and it was really challenging to sift through the documents and find the essence of the organization. I really didn't want to focus on language like "donate," "money," "charity," etc. because I really think it turns people away from actually donating. In general I feel like people struggle to participate in charity work because they believe it's all about money, in reality that's not the case, so I really wanted this campaign to focus on some other aspect. Once I finally grasped the essence of the organization it was really difficult to bring that together into a purposeful design.


After reading through several pages of text I concluded that the organization could be summed up in these three words – initiate, motivate, and cultivate. I felt that the organization focused on getting people to give back in any way possible. GoGive is about getting people to initiate or start to think about an environment that they want to impact or change. Then they encourage or motivate you by giving you the resources to improve that environment. Lastly, all this fight to bring about change cultivates or improves the world as a whole. I ran with those three words and decided to design a poster that contained big, bold, and vibrant text. I wanted those words to read strong and straightforward so that people would feel confident about participating in the movement. I replicated that big and bold title on the rest of the campaign documents as well as incorporated vibrant colors to keep everything cohesive. I highlighted important information and action words throughout the documents to keep the viewer interested in the cause. Essentially, I wanted to focus on creating a layout that emphasized important text in order to get people participating in the cause.

16" x 20" poster
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17" x 11" communication plan
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6" x 11" postcard
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8.5" x 11" PDF toolkit
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