chicago cinema
arts festival

about the project

Chicago Cinema Arts Festival is fictitious festival that features films by up-and-coming directors. This particular festival took place over three days and featured the work of Robert Eggers. Robert Eggers is an American film director and is best known for his acclaimed horror films The Witch and The Lighthouse. For this project, I created a website for this event. The website features the directors bio, information about his films, the festival schedule, and a page for purchasing a ticket.

date created:



1 month

project type:

website design

my role:

sole designer



design tools:



The most challenging aspect of this project was trying to design a layout that would be simple enough for the user to navigate through. I assumed that my target audience would want to know information about the films, when the films would be showcased, and how they could buy a ticket to the event. With this information, I really needed to consider which of these categories was the most important for the user to see first. I needed to figure out a way to divide up the site in a manner that would best represent the festival as well as invite the user to ultimately purchase a ticket.


I decided that showcasing the films was most important. I needed to highlight the best aspects of the films in order to get the user interested in the festival and to ultimately purchase a ticket. The home page showcases Robert Eggers's two most famous films and the user is invited to click whichever film is most intriguing to them. Once the user is on one of the film pages, they can scroll down to see iconic shots from the movie, reviews from critics, the movie trailer, and the scheduled events for that day. Hopefully, seeing a little bit about the film would be enough for the user to purchase a ticket, if not they can click to read about the director and/or click to see the full festival schedule.

I really wanted the films to speak for themselves and have the most attention throughout the site, so I made sure to include various images of the films. I chose a color palette that reflected the colors of Robert Eggers's style. Even though Robert Eggers creates horror films, I made the bold decision of not using extremely dark colors like black or red because those colors are not an accurate representation of his work. I also specifically chose a typeface that looks very similar to what he would use in his films. Overall, the site was meant to encourage people to go to the film festival to see the work of Robert Eggers so I designed the site to best reflect his work.