photo credits: david Yunis

Hello, my name is Cristiaan (pronounced like Christian but don't forget to remove the "h" and add the "a") Jackson! I consider myself to be a designer because there is always a purpose or plan with every action that I take, beyond just my visual creations. I feel like I'm designing when I write poetry, solve mathematical equations, and when I do anything that I'm simply passionate about. I certainly do not have this design thing all figured out, but I do know that I love creating. When I design graphically, there is always a reason behind every color, typeface, layout, and mark that I make. I believe there are an infinite amount of outcomes to a design problem and I enjoy navigating through the problem to find one of the best solutions. Take a look at my work and I hope that you enjoy some of the solutions I have found.

If you would like to know how others perceive me, scroll down to read comments from a few of my professors and supervisors.

photo credits: david Yunis

really good person
-Mary jo krysinsky

Associate Professor, Adj.
visual communication design
school of the art institute of chicago

When I think of you, three things in particular come to mind: conscientiousness; kindness; depth.
-Leila Wilson

Associate Professor, Adj.
liberal arts and writing department
school of the art institute of chicago

You are kind, collaborative, organized, confident, a proactive leader, and a good listener.
-Tanner woodford

founder and executive director
design museum of chicago

takes responsibility
Curious and engaged
Detail oriented
Follows through
-Lisa Thomas

design director
space haus

Hardworking and inventively creative. You have the ability to take a layperson concept (like mine often were) and transform it into something that tells a visual story about a program/event. You are able to both receive and offer critical feedback in a way that does not distract from the intended purpose and you put in the work to make whatever you are part of something better with the feedback. . .
-Laura Lamb

director of campus life
school of the art institute of chicago

Cristiaan is a thoughtful, creative designer who makes impactful and beautiful work. She is an excellent collaborator and a leader among her peers.
-Lauren Boegen

‎Executive Director
Operations and Collections
design museum of chicago

I'd say that you're very thoughtful, calculated, and precise. There's no guessing when it comes to your work, everything makes sense and your decisions have reasons. You design with your head more than your heart.
-Yaro Banduro

art director
design museum of chicago

A graceful manner that belies an underlying intensity of ambition.

Enjoys romping through a field of questions more than sitting on a park bench full of answers.

There's often doubt in the doing, but the done is always done well.

-robert petrick

Associate Professor, Adj.
visual communication design
school of the art institute of chicago

Cristiaan Jackson is incredibly adept at turning thought and feeling into words and in presenting those words in a form or object that amplifies and deepens their meaning. As her instructor, I marveled at the clarity, intimacy and power of the work Cristiaan made in class.
-conor Stechschulte

printmedia department
school of the art institute of chicago