SAIC AIGA created a virtual exhibition for graduating BFA and MFA students in the Visual Communication Design Department. At the end of every school year, SAIC AIGA puts on an exhibition for the VCD department. Due to COVID-19, we had to cancel our gallery exhibition and prepare to showcase virtually. Within a couple of months we created an identity for the show, curated the work of twenty-four designers, and showcased their designs on instagram.

show don't
tell 2020


The goal of this project was to reimagine an identity system for the Poetry Foundation. The Poetry Foundation currently has an amazing identity mark designed by Pentagram, so this project was meant to exercise my skills in identity design. I began by going to the Poetry Foundation to conduct some research and I ended by designing a dynamic mark, stationary, magazine covers, and more.

For this project, I was given a three page document about the basics of composting– which would be used to design a poster. I was also given a five page document about how to compost with and without a yard – which would be turned into a double sided pamphlet. Both documents thoroughly explained various aspects of composting such as the science behind it, what materials are involved, where it happens, etc. Both the poster and the pamphlet were meant to be an informational tool as well as a persuasive piece of design.

the earth
is sick